“Our collaboration with SmartWater has enabled us to identify cable theft risks and to respond quickly to emerging trends in order to implement proactive mitigation plans, particularly through tactical deployments. Together we have managed to prevent incidents and to shut down activity at hot-spot locations, spreading the deterrent message through a variety of methods whilst also delivering the most effective weapon for convictions – traceability. Disruption to train services in the West Midlands due to cable theft is reducing and that is good news for our operators and our passengers.”

Liam Sumpter, Area Director, Network Rail

“The after-sale service that SmartWater continues to provide to Thames Water is truly outstanding. As a Security Specialist I have to react very quickly to changing situations and knowing that I can rely on the support of SmartWater’s team of investigators at very short notice is invaluable. The experiences that my colleague and I have had working with SmartWater staff have been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone from their hands-on covert operatives to their office-based support teams are extremely passionate about crime prevention and committed to helping us drive down our crime rates. The service they provide is truly unique and we consider them to be a long-term strategic partner in our fight against crime.”

Jon Lorimer, Security Specialist, Thames Water

“SmartWater has been central to reducing burglary in the borough of Brent and for building more confidence within our communities. Criminals know about SmartWater and are aware that contact with it will effectively date stamp them to the scene of a crime.”

Chief Superintendent Matt Gardner, Borough Commander for Brent, Metropolitan Police Service

“Theft of metal is a serious crime and has had a devastating effect on a large number of our customers since 2007. From the beginning of the metal theft epidemic, we have been working in close partnership with SmartWater and continue to promote it to our customers. We believe that the SmartWater brand is a very powerful tool in our fight against metal theft, as it is well known amongst potential thieves and acts as a significant deterrent.”

David Bonehill, Claims and Risk Services Director, Ecclesiastical Insurance Group (EIG)

“Police Scotland continues to work alongside our communities and relevant partners to tackle housebreaking and protect people’s homes and belongings from acquisitive criminals. This exciting opportunity with SmartWater Technology Ltd sends a very clear message – we will not tolerate housebreaking or theft of property and remain willing to utilise any and all tactics at our disposal to bring anyone involved to justice.”

Superintendent Matt Richards, Police Scotland

“The risk management package that SmartWater has put together for us demonstrates the level of understanding and experience they have of dealing with metal theft. Their team offers a truly holistic crime prevention service that isn’t available anywhere else. They have shared knowledge with our security team, identified issues and vulnerabilities, and responded with flexible, proactive solutions to deter thefts and target persistent offenders.”

Bernie Auguste, Head of Security, Openreach (a BT Group Business)

“SmartWater has had a big role in cutting down burglaries. Not only does it help make people feel safer, it also gets people thinking about other ways they can protect their homes. It also acts as a powerful deterrent.”

Allan Breeton, Deputy Director, Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership

“As a charity War Memorials Trust greatly values its partnership with the SmartWater Foundation. It is wonderful to work with another organisation which recognises the importance of protecting the nation’s war memorials and is willing, through In Memoriam 2014, to offer communities a way to protect their local war memorials. A stolen war memorial plaque may be the only place a person’s name, and their sacrifice, is remembered so it is vital to protect them and ensure the preservation of this unique aspect of our shared heritage especially during the centenary of World War 1.”

Frances Moreton, Director, War Memorial’s Trust

“Since introducing SmartWater spray systems in fixed locations and marking all of our mobile devices we’ve received positive feedback from in-store colleagues. We have confidence in SmartWater’s abilities as a deterrent, it’s easy to use and we’re aware that the police are looking for it.”

Sheila Mitchell, Change Advisor, Waitrose Business Protection

“Our partnership with SmartWater has proven itself in the courts many times – contributing invaluable forensic evidence and leading to a significant number of criminal convictions. Throughout our working relationship, they have proven themselves to be thoroughly professional innovators with a clear and ongoing commitment to reduce the risks that our couriers face.”

Tim Horsfall, Risk Technology Development Manager, G4S Cash Services UK

“It is fantastic to be working with SmartWater to support the communities around the Mutley and Greenbank area in the reduction and prevention of crime. Other police forces have shown that the use of SmartWater kits has a really positive impact. We hope that if this pilot is successful the scheme will be rolled out to other areas across Plymouth, as well as Devon and Cornwall.”

Detective Constable Jamie Gilbert, Devon and Cornwall Police

“SmartWater is an excellent way of tracking stolen property. It is practically impossible to remove and ensures that the item can easily be traced back to the original owner and lead the person found in possession of the property direct to court.”

Inspector Simon Crick, Hackney Police, Metropolitan Police Service

“Using SmartWater is a great way of protecting your property and it is a known deterrent for burglars who know that if they get caught handling items marked with it, they are probably going to go to jail. We’ve purchased a massive batch so residents can have peace of mind that their possessions are safe.”

Councillor Chris Bond, Cabinet Member for Environment and Community Safety, Enfield Council

“If criminals know that SmartWater has been used, it makes it much less attractive to them. They know they will be more likely to get caught and it makes it harder for them to sell things they steal.”

Sergeant Fergus Caulfield, Essex Police

“All of our equipment has now been forensically marked with SmartWater and signage is on display around the vessels to warn would-be thieves. We are fortunate in that we rarely experience any criminal activity, but we see the benefit of using SmartWater as a further measure to deter any thieves from targeting Calecore assets. I’m pleased to report that since we introduced SmartWater there have been no incidents of theft at all.”

Rik James, Head of Purchasing, Calecore Ltd

“My experience of the SmartWater team has been excellent from start to finish. The fact that their primary focus is being proactive means that you have a real confidence that those reactive instances will be reduced. The marketing pack, where it’s simple, is very effective, and the peace of mind that the visuals give to our customers that we take their safety seriously is invaluable to the organisation.”

John Stevenson, Operations Manager (Residential Accommodation), University of the West of Scotland

“Airwave is a company committed to delivering secure and reliable communications to all of Great Britain’s emergency services and public safety agencies. Our Network is a vital tool for the emergency services and must remain operational when other networks are likely to fail. We have worked closely with SmartWater to deploy a range of signage and forensic traceable liquid products to protect the Airwave estate. Working with SmartWater has enabled us to protect our assets and ultimately maintain the high levels of service our customers are accustomed to.”

Stephen Druitt, Operational Security Manager, Airwave Solutions Ltd


“We want to get the message across to local people that police forces throughout the UK are now trained to look for SmartWater. Derbyshire Dales residents clearly appreciate that SmartWater can be a very useful tool in the fight against crime and continuing this campaign helps to spread the word.”

Inspector Bryan Hall, Derbyshire Police


“By funding the SmartWater technology and working with the police we have already reduced the number of victims of crime within the local estate.”

Gary Lumb, Community Safety Manager, Wakefield and District Housing


“SmartWater has played a crucial role in helping us to develop a layered security strategy. Cable theft can have a massive impact on our business, so the ability to deter thefts was a key factor in our decision to go with them. Their ongoing assistance in generating awareness amongst potential handlers and receivers of stolen goods has been vital and has already resulted in two arrests.”

Mark Diffey, Director, MEMS Power Generation


“A lot of work has gone into this project and we have definitely seen substantial reductions in the number of reported thefts. Perhaps most telling is that since we started the SmartWater project, my staff and the local Police have had to spend far less of our time dealing with boat-related thefts allowing us to focus on our primary tasks. The success of this project is a direct result of the close working partnership that exists between the River Hamble Harbour Authority, Hampshire Police and SmartWater. Suffice to say that we are very happy with the situation as it stands and long may it continue.”

David Evans, Harbour Master for the River Hamble

“Research shows that areas where SmartWater has been introduced have seen dramatic reductions in the number of opportunist thefts and burglaries.”

Inspector Mark Barlow, Newcastle Borough Local Policing Team, Northumbria Police

“Burglary can have a huge impact on the lives of victims and SmartWater has proved an innovative way to tackle it.”

Councillor Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor of Hackney Council, London Borough of Hackney

“SmartWater is a great way for people to protect their belongings and helps us to get your stolen items back to you if they are recovered, which can offer a lot of peace of mind. It is also a useful deterrent against burglars, who know exactly how they work and will think twice about targeting a house that is protected by SmartWater.”

Sergeant Nick Reason, Derbyshire Police

“Thieves know that SmartWater is bad news for them and it brings peace of mind for residents.”

Ann Sutcliffe, Executive Director for Neighbourhoods, Shropshire Housing Group

“The SmartWater technology in our trap houses and cars is so effective that in less than 72 hours from the trap house being broken into, (the offender) was arrested, interviewed, placed before the Courts and pleaded guilty. In addition, the stolen property was also recovered.”

Detective Sergeant Madeline Ryder, Brent Police, Metropolitan Police Service

“SmartWater is a unique coding system which has been used by police forces for a number of years to tackle both commercial and domestic burglary. It has proved to be a very effective deterrent to offenders where other forces have run similar projects.”

Rachel Carr, Community Safety Officer, Cambridgeshire Police