Installed standalone or integrated into an existing alarm, SmartWater® Spray Systems can be tailored to your requirements to deter robbery or out-of-hours burglary while, at the same time, providing law enforcement agencies with the evidence they need to prosecute offenders.

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    SmartWater forensic spray covers the offender in an invisible fingerprint that tags them and the stolen property back to the scene of the crime.
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    74% of offenders will actively avoid businesses that display SmartWater signage**
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    Invisible to the naked eye, but fluoresces bright yellow-green under UV light – criminals cannot see it to attack it.
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    Detectable on skin and hair for weeks, even with frequent washing and cleaning. Permanent on clothing and footwear.

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    Police only need a trace the size of a speck of dust to be able to prove the guilt of a suspect.

**Perpetuity Research and Consultancy. An Evaluation of SmartWater: Offenders’ Perspectives

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Criminals are literally carrying evidence on themselves that will prove their guilt, potentially for years – that’s why criminals fear SmartWater and will actively avoid anywhere where SmartWater® THIEVES BEWARE® signage is on display.



The Ludlow Barefoot Burglar


  • Grade A Robustness

    Our unique forensic signature will withstand fire, humidity and sunlight – there isn’t a more robust forensic signature is available on the market.

  • Safe to store

    No risk of gradual decompression (as in aerosol-based systems) and canisters can be kept long-term in storage or a van with no negative effect.

  • Battery powered

    No need for an external power supply or fused spur to power the system.

  • Flexible positioning

    Almost limitless flexibility in position and direction of spray.

  • Security fog compatible

    The ONLY forensic marking products that can be integrated into Protect® security fog units – forensic liquid droplets are carried by the fog, increasing the range of effectiveness.

  • Proven in the courts

    SmartWater is responsible for jailing hundreds of criminals and has a 100% conviction rate in court.

  • Simple installation

    Installation can be carried out by any technician – free eLearning courses are available.

  • No extras for testing

    The system can be tested without need to purchase test canisters or additional equipment.



Whilst SmartWater is first and foremost a powerful deterrent, in the event of a criminal activation, we will do all we can to help the police bring those  responsible to justice.

Forensic analysis of SmartWater traces found on suspects or their clothing is provided free of charge to the Police.

Our scientists will also attend court on your behalf to give evidence and help secure a conviction.

SmarWater’s analytical processes have been independently accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) as being compliant with the Forensic Science Regulator (FSR) Codes of Practice. Alternative products and services that are not accredited risk being excluded by the Courts as evidence.

  • SmartWater dramatically increases the risk of an offender being caught and convicted.

  • Police stations, patrol cars and thousands of police officers are equipped with SmartWater UV detection equipment.


  • There is proven evidence to show criminals are fearful of our brand.

SmartWater Fog Cannon

Security fog is an artificial, harmless, dense fog which can cover large areas such as a retail outlet or warehouse, obscuring an intruder’s vision. Combining this technology with the forensic traceability of SmartWater provides an effective method for crime prevention and detection.



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