🇺🇸 SmartWater is now available in USA 🇺🇸

Developed by scientists in the UK, SmartWater CSI’s technology has been used by law enforcement agencies across the USA for many years to suppress crimes such as burglary and robbery.

The Technology

Based upon cutting edge forensic science, scientists created safe, water-based solutions, which contain a unique forensic ‘signature’. With millions of ‘signatures’ available, the solutions are robust and difficult for criminals to remove. They can either be sprayed onto Intruders or used to mark valuable property at risk of being stolen.

Each solution contains a unique forensic signature assigned to a particular location, the benefit being that the Intruder and the property marked with SmartWater can be identified months later through simple forensic analysis.

SmartWater in Action:

This news clip of a ‘sting operation’ conducted by Fort Lauderdale police illustrates how SmartWater works when fitted to a vehicle:

This enhanced risk of identification acts as a powerful deterrent to both burglars and their ‘fences’ as, simply the stolen property is too hot to handle.

What the Law Enforcement Agencies think:

Compliant with the requirements of the US Justice system

Both the Frye and Daubert standards were designed to protect the US Justice system from ‘bogus’ science being presented at Court, risking miscarriages of justice.

SmartWater products are compliant with both standards.

More SmartWater action in the US:

Over 1 million registered users

74 % of criminals fear SmartWater

Burglary reduced by up to 85 %