‘Cradle-to-the-Grave’ Traceability for the Supply Chain

Companies are finding it more and more difficult to protect their brand and mitigate against counterfeiting and sub-standard products being passed off as the real product – until now.

Award-winning forensic scientists at SmartWater have turned their attention towards helping original equipment manufacturers solve the problem of counterfeiting, grey markets and bogus warranty claims, which increasingly plagues the advanced engineering sector.

SmartWater® traceable liquids can now be applied or embedded within almost any material, substance or liquid to act as an instant identifier should ever the quality control or quality assurance of the product be put to a challenge.

With millions of data-sets available, each SmartWater traceable liquid contains a unique formula, that can be used to link an item back to a specific location, client, production line or user.

With a range of application methods available to suit customer requirements – including application by aerosol, brush and additive – SmartWater traceable liquids can be used to validate cargoes, manufactured components and even the associated documents to prevent forgery.