A genuinely unique service

One of the unique benefits of working with the SmartWater Group is that our highly trained analysts working within the Centre of Infrastructure and Asset Protection (CIAP), who have access to privileged closed source data, are able to provide our infrastructure and construction clients with frequent updates about emerging security risks. This intelligence enables the rapid deployment of target-hardening measures, including the temporary installation of our mobile CCTV units, combined with unique forensic asset tagging, until the threat from the OCG reduces. Consequently, our Clients are provided with a short-term, cost-effective, highly targeted mitigation tactic, a service that, genuinely, only the SmartWater Group can provide.

On another occasion, we went a step further. Working on behalf of a Client from the Insurance sector, using the ODIN data portal, we monitored the movements of an OCG that targeted for theft the lead on the roofs of churches. Frequently, their crimes went undetected until the rain started cascading into the interior of the church, causing thousands of pounds of damage.

Our analysts were able to identify a church that looked likely to be targeted and, in partnership with local police, laid a trap to catch the thieves in the act. Unusually, the operation was featured on national television as the video clip at the top of the page illustrates.

We continually monitor the impact of the strategy, even to the point of ensuring that potential key stakeholders in the criminal networks are compliant with new laws or regulations that have been implemented.

In the following video, we worked with the police on an undercover operation to ‘market test’ two scrap metal dealers to see if they were willing to buy SmartWater marked cable ‘no questions asked’. Warning: ‘foul/industrial language’ is used at one point.