Analyse Data, Formulate Plan.

With access to open and closed source data, all our projects are truly intelligence led, ensuring timely and efficient implementation of a mitigation strategy.

The availability of cutting edge technology, from ‘smart’ video transmitters protecting construction sites, to our award-winning forensic traceable liquids, has produced a track record of success, as illustrated by a few of the projects listed below.

A genuinely unique service

One of the unique benefits of working with the SmartWater Group is that our highly trained analysts working within the Centre of Infrastructure and Asset Protection (CIAP), who have access to privileged closed source data, are able to provide our infrastructure and construction clients with frequent updates about emerging security risks. This intelligence enables the rapid deployment of target-hardening measures, including the temporary installation of our mobile CCTV units, combined with unique forensic asset tagging, until the threat from the OCG reduces. Consequently, our Clients are provided with a short-term, cost-effective, highly targeted mitigation tactic, a service that, genuinely, only the SmartWater Group can provide.

Site security costs reduced

From past experience, a Quantity Surveyor engaged on an infrastructure project was concerned that a major site they were opening could be a target for thieves wanting to steal the valuable assets on the site, which ranged from expensive plant equipment to copper cable. The problems they faced were that the site was extremely remote, with harsh weather conditions and, as such, they knew that the cost of traditional security measures would be prohibitive. However, following a visit by a Surveyor from our PID Systems division, the whole site was protected by a number of our mobile VideoGuard360™ CCTV systems, at a fraction of the cost.

Reducing trespass and theft on the rail network

In 2009, cable thefts were estimated to be costing Network Rail and UK taxpayers up to £16m a year, causing significant delays and disruptions to the network. The London to North West (LNW) mainline was being particularly badly hit by cable thieves, resulting in delay minutes totalling 119,540.

Proven reduction of Burglary across London

Following years of success throughout the UK, the power of SmartWater’s unique concept for crime reduction was formally acknowledged by London’s Metropolitan Police Service, who awarded SmartWater Technology a multi-million pound, three-year contract to protect 440,000 homes across the capital – the LARGEST EVER rollout of traceable liquid technology.

Protecting World Heritage

For years, international law enforcement agencies have struggled to prosecute offenders and repatriate stolen artefacts due to the difficulty in identifying an object’s origins and proving the item is stolen.

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