A unique combination of skills and technology

No other risk management company has access to the vast range of open and closed data, provided by both national critical infrastructure companies and law enforcement agencies, which enables the rapid deployment of a unique range of technologies proven to deter crime.

Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection (CIAP)

Working on behalf of the national critical infrastructure and construction sectors, CIAP collates real-time intelligence gathered from Clients and law enforcement agencies, with our highly trained analysts continually assessing clients’ risks. Customers will have access to enhanced intelligence and specific guidance, allowing them to adapt swiftly and rapidly deploy our unique crime mitigation technology and security teams on the ground to address issues or threats.

PID Systems

When clients require a rapid but temporary response to an emerging threat, the Innovators at PID Systems have developed the perfect solution: VideoGuard360TM . Tough, battery operated and highly mobile video transmitters with floodlight and audio warning capability, they have 360 degree vision activated by movement detectors and can operate from the remotest of sites in the harshest of environments. Monitored 24/7 all-year-round by skilled SIA accredited Monitoring Officers, the Client also benefits from nationwide network of fast response teams. Along with other PID Systems monitoring solutions, the VideoGuard360TM has a proven track record as a powerful deterrent to even the most determined of criminals.

Smartwater Technology

The award-winning scientists at SmartWater Technology have created a whole new approach to establishing provenance, called ‘traceable liquids’. Each drop of SmartWater contains millions of invisible datasets that can be encoded with information ranging from production details of a safety critical part, to the address of the burgled premises when sprayed onto and recovered from an intruder. Now with millions of Users around the World, each assigned with their own unique formula, SmartWater technology is recognised as the toughest system available, with the liquid datasets able to withstand explosive blast, harsh solvents and the worst of weather conditions for a minimum of five years. 

SmartWater CSI

The pioneering team at SmartWater CSI in the USA are steadily building a ground-swell of support within the law enforcement communities for our forensic technology, due to its compliance with the required scientific standards necessary to be acceptable to the US Justice system. Having been adduced and accepted as evidence in both the US Federal and State Court system, in partnership with both local Police Chief and Sheriffs, SmartWater CSI’s capability of creating a deterrent to crime with Towns and Cities is growing rapidly

Smartwater Foundation

Smartwater Foundation

Funded solely by the shareholders of the SmartWater Group, the SmartWater Foundation supports projects ranging from the creation of a specialist tagging solution for historic artefacts to deter their theft to developing a database of war memorials that are under threat of being stolen by thieves. Having donated technology to protect the content of museums in Idlib, Syria, the SmartWater Foundation latest project, in partnership with the British Council and Reading University, was to work with archaeologists in Iraq to protect 270,000 of their most precious historic artefacts.

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