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The first of its kind, the Metropolitan Police, in partnership with SmartWater, produce a 30 second public information video which has been aired on YouTube and other social media channels, demonstrating how SmartWater helps The London Metropolitan Police return things that seem lost.

The video was launched in conjunction with impressive year one results (of a three year contract to protect 440,000 homes across the capital) and highlights to the viewer the ability of SmartWater to reduce burglaries by up to 85%.

The unique partnership between SmartWater and the Metropolitan Police Service was launched in March 2015 under the joint initiative called “MetTrace”, when SmartWater was appointed as sole supplier of ‘traceable liquid’ forensic technology.

The video is one of a series made by the police aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of SmartWater to home owners, whilst creating anxiety within the criminal fraternity.