Tool thefts from vehicles are continuing to rise with over 64,000 thefts reported since 2015(1). With the average loss of income suffered from vehicle tool theft weighing in at a substantial £550 per day per van, it is very clear that something needs to be done to reverse this worrying trend.

Thankfully, a new insurance package is on the scene with an answer to this growing problem.

SmartWater Insurance Services can now offer an insurance policy with a difference ‐ combining SmartWater® protection to forensically mark insured tools and deter would‐be thieves with a Tools in Transit insurance policy underwritten by RSA created specifically for covering tools routinely carried
in a vehicle.

This unique combination of SmartWater with Tools in Transit insurance includes access to a free mobile app that allows policyholders to record details of their covered tools, costs and receipts, all in the palm of their hand. Should a loss occur, a claim can be processed and managed with minimum delay. You can even purchase a policy through the app, which can be downloaded now from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The SmartWater pack included provides enough forensic liquid and deterrent labels to protect around 100 tools as well as warning signage to affix to the vehicle.

Each SmartWater forensic liquid contains a unique forensic code that, once applied, makes tools and equipment traceable back to their owner. It is easy to apply and almost impossible to remove. Each application is only visible under UV light, and this is how it is detected by the thousands of police officers already trained to look for it.

The pack normally retails at £59.95 with an annual registration fee of £23.94, but this cost is covered by the policy, representing a significant saving as well as a security benefit.

Given that 74% of criminals said they would avoid a location where SmartWater signage was on display(2) – it is hoped that this new, unique offering will be a step towards turning the tide on tool thieves.


Insure it, Mark it, Keep itTM

To read more about the benefits of this innovative product or to buy a policy online, visit:

(1) Volkswagen Commercial Services – FOI Request August 2018
(2) Perpetuity Research and Consultancy. An Evaluation of SmartWater: Offenders’ Perspectives