Seven convicted for theft of casino chips


Six out of ten young people, all aged between 17 to 27, were arrested and place under examination by Judge Isabelle Perrin, when traces of SmartWater was found on their clothes, irrefutably confirming their presence at the Casino at the time of the crime.

In total, out of the ten people under investigation, seven were jailed, the last three have been released but placed under judicial control. Most are convicted for other crimes such as “armed robbery in organised gang and complicity, conspiracy and concealment” where they will face up to 20 years imprisonment.

Searches conducted in the homes of the alleged perpetrators allowed the police to find six casino chips from the stolen pack of the night of the 12th February. The ten young people, all from the northern districts, are suspected to be part of a gang responsible of several robberies.

Nearly 700 clients were present the night of the robbery when the criminals fired twice toward a canopy. The shooting raised fear as people thought it was another terrorist attack following the recent terrible terrorist attack in Paris. In total, 23 people were slightly injured.

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