SmartWater recently featured on BBC One’s consumer affairs programme, Watchdog – in which covert SmartWater forensic technologies were used to help ensnare and identify a prolific fly-tipper, behind what the programme referred to as the ‘biggest fly-tip caught on camera’.

The ‘sting’ was set up after large amounts of illegally-dumped waste were appearing in the car park of a leading-name supermarket, and a likely culprit was identified by Watchdog’s Rogue Traders team (the team behind the segment of the same name).

A staged collection was then arranged with a John McDonagh, the culprit behind these recurring dumps, with SmartWater-marked rubbish to be taken from a covert house (fitted with cameras) setup by the production team.

Using tracker technology, the team were able to follow McDonagh’s route to an abandoned worksite in Epsom.


As they arrived at the location, they found McDonagh in the process of illegally dumping the waste, alongside mounds upon mounds of previously dumped rubbish.

Once McDonagh departed the scene, the team were able to move in and detect glowing traces of SmartWater on the waste, using UV torches, confirming it was the very same rubbish collected from the covert house.

The Rogue Traders team then confronted McDonagh during a subsequent ‘staged job’ at another covert dwelling – who then quickly departed the scene upon realising he had been caught out.

This evidence will now be passed on to the relevant authorities and McDonagh’s activities thoroughly investigated.

This is only the latest succesful sting in Rogue Trader’s continuous fight against the fly-tippers blighting Britain’s towns and countryside – operations which, throughout the years, have repeatedly called upon SmartWater technology to help ensnare and provide evidence to help convict these criminals.

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