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Operation MetTrace has continued to see burglary plummet in areas where SmartWater has been deployed in London, in the world’s largest ever traceable liquid rollout.

Since MetTrace began in April 2015 over 300,000 homes have been protected by SmartWater and 97.5% of those have not been targeted since. This has resulted in a 25% reduction in burglary across London in areas protected by SmartWater, with over 5,000 fewer victims of burglary as a result. In contrast, non-protected areas have only experienced a 0.7% reduction during this time, reinforcing the value of the SmartWater StrategyTM as the world’s most powerful crime deterrent.

These reductions are also reflected in’s annual Burglary Claims Tracker for 2017, which shows how only 5 London postcodes are in the top 20 this year, whereas during the year before it was 16.

The reduction in burglary has saved almost 100,000 hours of officer time, allowing them to focus on reducing other threats including terrorism, cybercrime, crimes against vulnerable people and historical offences. It has also given the police an economic benefit, with cost savings of over £5 million that have in turn contributed to an overall cumulative saving to Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) of over £30 million.

As pressure on police budgets continue these cost savings derived from our close partnership with the Metropolitan Police shows that the implementation of SmartWater and the unique SmartWater StrategyTM not only reduces crime but also helps the police save money where resources become ever limited.

We look forward to the beginning of covert activity which will further impact directly on the psyche of the criminal fraternity who are already acutely aware of the SmartWater brand.

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