Smartwater in USA

Stealing from farmers in Tulare County is about to get harder.

Out of darkness comes light– in this case, the truth revealed would be a crime against a Tulare County farmer or rancher.

“With a glow in the dark, water-like spray, thieves can be tracked back to the crimes with a unique, mineral-based forensic signature,” said Sheriff Mike Boudreaux. “I like to call it a mineral DNA.”

The product is actually called SmartWater CSI’s forensic coding solution. A single squirt of it leaves an invisible and unmistakable mark lasting at least five years.

The makers say it won’t transfer to a human, but they also sell sprayers and other products designed to mark thieves, at least for a while.

“Skin does exfoliate off, so if it’s someone who showers regularly 3-4 days it might still be on there,” said SmartWater CSI general manager Antonio Arserio.

And you could still see SmartWater on clothes for several washes.