Theresa may

The Home Secretary, Rt Hon Theresa May MP, has visited the Telford offices of SmartWater, a UK-based, international crime fighting company that is proven to reduce crime by up to 85%.

The Home Secretary toured SmartWater’s offices, and saw at first hand the company’s high-tech facilities that play a key role in supporting the UK’s police force to reduce and detect crime, and prosecute criminals. Mrs May discussed with SmartWater’s senior management the impact of The SmartWater Strategy in the UK, most recently in London where the company worked with the Metropolitan Police in an integrated way to reduce domestic burglaries in Brent and Islington by 85% and 63% respectively*. Mrs May discussed the benefits of incorporating forensic asset marking technology into a wider strategy that can work with the UK’s police force in targeting the criminal fraternity.

The SmartWater Strategy is an innovative programme incorporating a variety of tactics including targeted covert operations resulting in arrests, engagement with second hand dealers, equipping police stations with the necessary detection equipment and providing expert testimony in the criminal courts. SmartWater’s forensic marking technology has aided hundreds of criminal convictions.

Mrs May visited the Control Room, where SmartWater’s team of analysts review and analyse crime data provided by commercial clients and the police. This was followed by the Forensic Laboratories, where scientists analyse SmartWater marked property to identify the owner, and then the Production Department, where SmartWater’s forensic products are manufactured and quality checked. Mrs May also saw SmartWater’s UV Demo Area, where there is a reconstruction of a Home Office approved UV custody suite which can be found in many police stations across the UK.

The Home Secretary was accompanied by local Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Telford, Lucy Allan

Phil Cleary, Chief Executive, SmartWater said: “It was a tremendous honour to welcome the Home Secretary and Lucy Allan. The visit is recognition of the tremendous work and results our colleagues have achieved both in the UK and internationally. I was especially pleased that the Home Secretary recognised the benefits of incorporating the SmartWater technology into a fully integrated strategy – only by targeting the criminal fraternity can you achieve significant, sustainable results.”

Lucy Allan, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate said: “SmartWater is a superb example of the sort of innovative thinking we host here in Telford, a business that has gone from strength to strength producing state-of-the-art technology. One thing the Government and SmartWater both have in common is a passion for keeping crime down and people safe. The good news is that criminal activity is already facing a very tough time. For example, here in West Mercia, crime has fallen by 15% since 2010.”