In a clear warning to potential thieves, one of the UK’s most historic buildings, the 12th century Leeds Castle in Kent, has partnered with the UK’s number one crime-fighting company, SmartWater to protect key assets around the 500 acre estate.

SmartWater scientists have created a unique clear water-based forensic formula registered to the Estate that has been applied to important assets. The solution is invisible to the naked eye but glows yellow under UV light and forensic scientists only need a speck to identify where it was stolen from.  Deterrent signs will be displayed around the Estate warning off potential thieves.

Kelvin Wood, Leeds Castle Security Manager, commented: “Employing Smartwater technology is a cost effective deterrent and fits in as part of our overall security measures to protect the Castle and its artefacts for the enjoyment of our visitors and future generations.”

SmartWater Chief Executive, Phil Cleary added: “We’re proud to be supplying SmartWater to protect important assets at Leeds Castle in Kent. Criminals know about our 100 per cent track record of success in the Courts therefore the most professional of them give SmartWater a wide berth”.

SmartWater, an accredited UK Superbrand, is well-known to criminals and is generally regarded as one of the most powerful criminal deterrent in the country. In nearby London, MetTrace, a Metropolitan Police campaign, where 1 in 7 homes (440,000) are being provided with SmartWater protection, in the first year, burglary has been reduced by 36% in the protected areas.