In a pilot project, Herlev Municipality and the Copenhagen West Bank Police have begun to rollout SmartWater traceable liquids to 850 homes across the Herlev region, with expectation it will make the area safer and secure.

As a result, any thieves entering Herlev will now be confronted by SmartWater deterrent signage, warning them that homes in the area are secured with SmartWater and thus, the police can trace stolen items, in the event of theft.

It is hoped that the presence of SmartWater will make the thieves think twice before committing a burglary and walk the other way. As was the case in London, where the Metropolitan Police continue to provide SmartWater to 440,000 homes, with a 25% reduction in burglary observed in the deployed areas thus far. In fact, it was this groundbreaking UK initiative that inspired the municipality and police band together draw up this burglary reduction strategy, dubbed ‘Herlev fits Herlev’.

Herlev’s mayor, Thomas Gyldal Petersen, also expects that SmartWater should make the area a safer place to live in. “SmartWater will help create security and trust in the police and municipality,” he explained to local newspaper Herlevblad. Referring to the MetTrace initiative, he also added “By the end of 2018, we can see if it has the same effect with us, and hopefully we can roll it out to the rest of the city.”

SmartWater works by applying the traceable liquid to everything from electronics to jewelry to designer furniture. The liquid is only visible under UV light and contains a unique code that is linked to the owner, and therefore the Police and SmartWater will always be able to trace who the item belongs to.

The project is welcomed by SmartWater’s Danish distributor, CTR Secure Services. Managing Director Per Skovhus had the following to say “I am pleased that the municipality of Herlev is visionary and will use SmartWater to increase the peace of mind in Herlev. By preventing burglary, you release resources that the police can use on other tasks in the city, “says Per Skovhus.