Covert Cameras: Trespassing Teens on Warwickshire Railway

With the help of our covert cameras in operations, three youths were caught trespassing on the Network Rail line in Bedworth, Warwickshire.

With the help of our covert cameras in operations, three youths were caught trespassing on the Network Rail line in Bedworth, Warwickshire.


In the footage, the teenagers can be seen throwing ballast stones and hanging around dangerously close to the line, where trains travel at speeds of up to 45mph. The motion-sensor activated covert cameras soon filmed the three boys and alerted our in-house monitoring centre at the Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection (CIAP) – a division of the SmartWater Group.

As a result, the British Transport Police were immediately alerted and were able to locate and safely remove the youths from the site. The mother of one of the teenagers caught trespassing say all three boys are lucky to have escaped unharmed and went on to express: “I couldn’t believe it when there was a knock on the door and it was the British Transport Police. Seeing the video showing how much danger my son and his friends put themselves in made my stomach turn – they’re so lucky they weren’t seriously injured… Or worse.”

“All three boys now realise just how stupid their actions were and think the footage should be shown so others like them don’t trespass on the tracks. It’s just not worth the risk.”


It’s the mission of the British Transport Police (BTP) to ensure that the millions of people who use the railways of England, Wales and Scotland to get home safely and on time. As well as having jurisdiction across the national rail network, the BTP is also responsible for policing:

  • London Underground
  • Docklands Light Railway
  • West Midlands Metro
  • Croydon Tramlink
  • Tyne and Wear Metro
  • Glasgow Subway
  • Emirates AirLine

We have worked closely with the British Transport Police for many years in assisting with the protection of the railway network and in recent news, tackling catalytic converter thefts by registering marked vehicles on the National Asset Database – operated by CIAP.


Monitored by the Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection (CIAP), our covert cameras are in operation across a number of sites in the UK. After a thorough initial assessment of the site, our covert cameras have a track record for monitoring trespassers, threats and detecting criminality.

Working on behalf of the national critical infrastructure and construction sectors, CIAP collates real-time intelligence gathered from Clients and law enforcement agencies, with our highly trained analysts continually assessing clients’ risks. This intelligence enables the rapid deployment of target-hardening measures, including the temporary installation of our mobile CCTV units, combined with unique forensic asset tagging, until the threat from the OCG reduces. Consequently, our Clients are provided with a short-term, cost-effective, highly targeted mitigation tactic, a service that, genuinely, only the SmartWater Group can provide.

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