Cwmbran’s Bron Afon Protects Fleet with SmartWater®


Vans belonging to Cwmbran’s Bron Afon Community Housing have all been marked with SmartWater in a bid to deter thieves.

The SmartWater forensic traceable liquid is uniquely registered to the vehicles belonging to the social landlord, is invisible to the naked eye and is virtually impossible to remove.

This means that police can prove where stolen car parts have come from and gives valuable prosecution evidence to irrefutably link a criminal back to their crime scene.

Logistics manager at Bron Afon, Dave Smith said,

“I manage a fleet of more than 150 vans and a new bumper can cost up to £700".

“The cost of these thefts soon mount up, so it is important to protect our vehicles and parts”.

“Our simple advice is to not steal from us, as mechanics and car body shops in Torfaen know that we use SmartWater. We have taken a big step to reducing crime and saving money”.

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