A unique approach to risk management

The SmartWater Group has won many awards for designing and implementing a range of risk management programmes that have proven to be highly successful.

Working in partnership with the police, trade associations and Clients, from construction and infrastructure to retail and vacant premises, we have unique access to closed source data and, using our proprietary ODINTM crime data portal, can predict the movement of organised crime gangs.

Once the threat is identified, and if an urgent response is required, SmartWater can call upon an array of unique and powerful crime deterrent technologies for rapid deployment to target-harden critical assets within the threatened region, including:

  • PID Systems VideoGuard360TM Mobile CCTV, self-contained, battery-powered and robust, able to monitor even the remotest of sites through communication with our SIA accredited Monitoring Officers, working 24/7 within an accredited control room and backed-up by a national network of fast response security teams;
  • SmartWater Technology’s Proprietary Forensic Asset Marking solutions, the most highly accredited in the World, which have a proven track record as a powerful crime deterrent, as they increase the risk of arrest and prosecution, with many serious criminal gangs imprisoned through the forensic evidence provided;
  • ODINTM, operated by highly trained analysts from our Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection division, is a proprietary crime data portal, built using privileged information from the police, Industry bodies and our Client base.

Security is the tip of the iceberg of wider operational risks faced by our Clients. With our risk management approach and data driven monitoring capability, we intend to broaden our activity to offer a new range of risk management services very soon.


reduction in theft from mast sites



churches & historic buildings protected




monitoring all-year round