The UK’s most powerful criminal deterrent

About Smartwater - The UK’s most powerful criminal deterrent

For over 20 years SmartWater® has consistently delivered significant reductions in criminal activity on behalf of our customers and clients, helping the police to convict hundreds of offenders in the process.

We are extremely passionate about fighting crime and want to help you overcome whatever criminality you are experiencing.

Whether you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a burglary, theft or robbery, or you are being targeted by metal thieves, trespassers or vandals, we have a tailor-made solution. Our objective is to protect your property and, if you are a business, maximise your security spend.

SmartWater is staffed by many former police officers and ex-military personal, so we can call upon years of crime prevention expertise.

We also operate our own in-house production facilities and our forensic laboratories are  ISO17025 accredited. This ensures we have the necessary evidence continuity protocols in place to withstand cross-examination by the Criminal Justice System – helping us to maintain a 100% conviction rate in contested court cases.


Though we are best known for our range of forensic traceable liquid products, our service doesn’t stop there. On your behalf we carry out year-round ‘influencing’ campaigns to help educate the police about SmartWater, as well as target thieves and receivers of stolen goods with a mild form of psychological warfare.

This work, which we call The SmartWater Strategy, not only helps to create the SmartWater deterrent, it also demonstrates to criminals that our technology poses a real threat to them and has ‘teeth’.


  • Equipping police officers and stations with UV lighting so they can proactively look for SmartWater
  • Regular visits to scrap yards accompanied by police officers to disrupt the re-sell of stolen goods
  • Educating second hand and scrap metal dealers and equipping them with UV lighting so they can avoid buying SmartWater-marked stolen goods
  • Undercover test purchases at scrap metal yards and recycling centres
  • Covert operations targeting persistent and prolific thieves
  • We will give evidence in court on behalf of our customers and clients to support convictions
  • TV advertising and other marketing campaigns aimed at educating criminals about SmartWater
  • Crime mapping to help our clients identify threats, vulnerabilities and hotspot areas

As a result of this work, you can have confidence that displaying the SmartWater brand will act as a powerful deterrent to criminals operating in your area.

For our business clients, The SmartWater Strategy has been proven to deliver significant short, medium and long-term benefits included:

  • Huge cost savings
  • Significant reductions in criminal activity, leading to increased productivity
  • Reductions in theft-imposed fines or delays
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved health and safety conditions for staff members
  • Protecting your service levels, thereby safeguarding your own brand

Any images that feature fluoresent materials, have been captured under UV light.


  • “Police Scotland continues to work alongside our communities and relevant partners to tackle housebreaking and protect people’s homes and belongings from acquisitive criminals. read more

    Superintendent Matt Richards, Police Scotland
  • “Theft of metal is a serious crime and has had a devastating effect on a large number of our customers since 2007. read more

    David Bonehill, Claims and Risk Services Director, Ecclesiastical Insurance Group (EIG)
  • “SmartWater has been central to reducing burglary in the borough of Brent and for building more confidence within our communities. read more

    Chief Superintendent Matt Gardner, Borough Commander for Brent, Metropolitan Police Service
  • “The after-sale service that SmartWater continues to provide to Thames Water is truly outstanding. As a Security Specialist I have to react very quickly to changing situations and knowing that I can rely on the support. read more

    Jon Lorimer, Security Specialist, Thames Water
  • “Our collaboration with SmartWater has enabled us to identify cable theft risks and to respond quickly to emerging trends in order to implement proactive mitigation plans, particularly through tactical deployments… read more

    Liam Sumpter, Area Director, Network Rail